Tuesday, July 11, 2006

First and foremost I must apologize to anyone and everyone who happens to read my chicken scratch I call a blog. My training regiment has increased noticeably since the last time I wrote and it has made it that much more difficult to find time to write. Over the last year I've gotten so used to the feeling of utter and complete exhaustion on a daily basis. Now that my body is FINALLY acclimatizing to this kind schedule the five to six classes a day have been getting, dare I say, easier. For any normal person this would be a godsend. Unfortunately enough for me I am afflicted with a rare form of mental stupidity that I have yet to find a name for. This particular affliction has caused me to involuntarily increase the intensity of my training so that the lovely feeling of wobbly kneed exhaustion can be sustained...yay. This in turn has caused me to require as much food as I can possibly consume within a day and as much sleep as I can find in any time period of fifteen minutes or greater. Hense my lack of blog entries over the recent weeks. But that's basically a long winded way of saying that I'm lazy. Much has happened and I have much to write about so allow me to gather my thoughts and see if I can lump them together in a coherent way so that I can convey them to those that read this page... if there are still people who read this page...

I have weaseled a summer break out of the head Deshi at the dojo so I am currently taking a month and a half off to give my body a rest before I head back for another year of training, so I should have some time to give everyone a recap of what has happened. I know I've said it before but this time I mean it... more is coming so stay tuned!


Anonymous Dasha said...

There are still people reading your blog - glad you're back :)

10:18 AM


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